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4лв. - 11лв.

Bed linen - 100% cotton.

Available in the store in Sofia. More than 100 patterns of one color, printing or child motifs.

Prices and quality without competition.

Ranforce (4)

Fabrics for bed linen - 100% cotton.

Percale- one-color, print and children's motives.

Percale (3)

Cheesecloth on a meter.

100% Cotton-White.

Available in the store.

Low prices.

Cheesecloth (1)

Flannelette per meter.
Width: 90cm.
Color: white
Cotton fabric with short, thick and fine hairs on the front of the fabric.

Available in the store.

Flannelette (1)

Fabric American per meter.

Available in our store in Sofia.

Low prices.

American (1)


Color- black, white, burgundy, blue, etc.

Available in the store.

Width of the fabric 150 sm.

Lining (1)

Fabric tulle-for decorating wedding and family celebrations, decoration, curtains, packing and gift arrangement.

Ballet packs, tattoos, dresses and ribbons ...

Available in store over 40 colors.
Price without competition in Sofia.

Tulle (5)

Fabric for curtains and bed linen.

Microfibre (3)

Вater-resistant fabric suitable for tablecloths, awnings, shades ...

No annoying spots

Hydrophobic fabric (3)

Fabrics of 100% Plant-rich cotton, flax, jute.

No chemicals or other harmful substances are used in the production.

Eco and Bio Fabrics (1)

Fabrics for Tablecloth .

For home, the restaurant for every table a variety of fabrics.

A great variety of fabrics and colors.

Tablecloths (19)

Fabric for luxury bed linen.

Cotton satin (2)

Damasks furniture and mattresses

Fabrics Damasks (2)

Dense and transparent curtains and drapes, Natural fabrics, Children's wings, one-color curtains, Organza with ornaments, Tulle.

We offer sewing.

The delivery price for orders over 40 leva is FREE! to offices of ECONT "

Curtains and drapes (13)

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