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Textiles, Home textiles Textiles, Home textiles

Bed linen, bedding sets, duvet covers, pillows, mattress covers, elastic bed sheets, protectors, home textiles and more. at the best prices.


Great promotions.


Special offers for hotels.


Bed linen (25)

Bed linen, bedroom sets, sheets, envelopes and pillow cases of Percale, Ranforce, Мicrofiber and more. 


A great variety of fabrics, colors and sizes.

Wholesale and Retail

Tablecloths (6)

Tablecloth of quality materials.For your comfort in the home.

On fabric or ready in your size.

Terry toweling (24)

Bulgarian bathrobes and towels made of 100% cotton.

They have proven their quality over the years by Bulgarian manufacturers.

Pillows (4)

Variety of models and prices.

Protectors and mattress covers (6)

An easy way to protect your mat.

The protectors we offer are made of 100% cotton fabric on the front with a PU membrane from the bottom.

Do not let any liquids on the mattress.

Hotel bed linen (8)

We offer everything from textiles to hotels-bed linen, terry cloths, mattress protectors, mattress covers, elastic sheeting, tablecloths, duvets, etc.

Any fabrics and sizes.



Satin ribbon

Satin ribbon

Tulle-PROMOTION 2lv.

Tulle-PROMOTION 2lv.

List Price:2.00лв.
discounts info
Discounts info
List Price:2.00лв.
Discount:0.20лв. (10.00%)

Lining/Hastar 2.00lv

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